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29-35 Louis St, Airport West VIC 3042


Melbournes West

Old Man Pho Airport West is . It offers both dine-in and takeaway.

Quick & Easy

Airport West offer incredibly quick & easy ordering options.


Old Man Pho Airport West offers delivery and uses services such as UberEats & Deliveroo.


Join us in putting the smiles onto your customer faces as they enjoy the traditional sensations of Viet flavours! If your passion is to deliver the best cuisine with the best services, Old Man Pho is the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Simply request an info pack from us, and we will make your dreams come true in no time!

That’s why our restaurant is named “Old Man Pho”, reminding us of our endless inspiration – the love of dad.

Airport West is built for speed.

Our Airport West store is built for speed. Each store offers different qualities depending on their location. Our Airport West store offers speed and accessibility.

Delicious food

Airport West Old Man Pho has a food court to enjoy our food. Enjoy the beautiful view of Airport West while eating out delicious food.

Timeless meals, modernised.

Our meals are traditional, we consider them timeless. Whether it’s our famous Banh Mi, our delicious Pho – we’ve got you covered.

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Airport West

29-35 Louis St, Airport West VIC 3042.

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